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Inverted Space: Journey To The Black Lodge Tour

Sponsored by Common Tone Arts

9/16/23 7PM

Gesa Power House, Walla Walla, WA

9/17/23 3PM

Kenworthy Theatre, Moscow, ID

9/18/23 7PM

First Free Methodist Church, Seattle, WA


One Star Reviews by Luke Fitzpatrick and Jeff Bowen

Scrawl Etude by Kerrith Livengood

Your Turn- A Family Game by Melissa Wang

The Golden Harvest by Marcin Pączkowski

The Music of Twin Peaks by Angelo Badalamenti arr. by Luke Fitzpatrick and Jeff Bowen

The Performers:

Luke Fitzpatrick, Violin, Adapted Viola and Intoning Voice

Jeff Bowen, Electric Guitar

Marcin Pączkowski, Violin, Sax, Trombone, Flutes

Laure Struber, Piano

Melissa Wang, Percussion


Photos by Jessica Lin

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